The core and shell electrical installation for the redevelopment of the historic Dayton Arcade will be performed by ESI. The Dayton Arcade is a collection of nine buildings constructed from 1902 to 1904 in the heart of downtown Dayton’s central business district which originally contained a supermarket, retail stores, offices and apartments.

The redevelopment will restore the Arcade much as it was a hundred years ago. The University of Dayton and The Entrepreneurs Center are partnering on the first phase, which will consist of an innovation center, market rate housing, restaurants, retail stores, studio space for artists and an event space under the Rotunda. The second phase will include a shared commercial kitchen incubator, retail stores, restaurants and lofts. The highlight of the project will be the restoration of the 70 foot high domed Rotunda, complete with theatrical lighting to spotlight its design work and craftsmanship.

ESI will be installing underground feeders from the Ludlow and Main Street DP&L vaults, providing new 3000A services for the Rotunda, 4th Street and Ludlow buildings, 2000A services for the Commercial, Lindsey and McCrory buildings, and general power, lighting and fire alarm work.